When we know some key warning signs, we can all make a difference in helping to keep safe those individuals who might be thinking about suicide. Learn how to identify those at risk and how to ask about thoughts of suicide:

Suicide Warning Signs & Risk Factors:

  • Talking about wanting to die or to kill oneself
  • Acquiring or searching for ways to carry out a suicide plan
  • Talking about feeling sad, depressed, and hopeless or having no reason to live
  • Social withdrawal, loneliness, isolation
  • Changes in mood or behavior; extreme mood swings
  • Sleeping too little or too much
  • Writings or social media posts that are bleak, depressing, or suicidal
  • Anxiety, agitation, impulsivity, reckless behavior
  • Giving away possessions or pets
  • Talking about being a burden to others
  • Overwhelming stress or loss-death, relationship, job, academic failure, or any other perceived loss
  • Increased use of drugs/alcohol
  • Showing rage or talking about seeking revenge
  • Refusal to seek help from friends, family, or campus resources

What to Do

In an emergency situation, do not leave the person alone. Call 911 or get assistance from local Police, 436-2333.


  • Be direct. Ask how they are doing and share your concerns and observations.
  • Ask if they are thinking about suicide: Asking someone about suicide doesn’t put the idea into their head.
  • Listen non-judgmentally: Allow them to express how they feel; don’t discuss whether suicide is right or wrong, or whether the feelings are good or bad.
  • Get help: Call a crisis line, police, or agency that specializes in crisis intervention.
  • Take action: Remove means, such as guns or pills.
  • Show support: “I’m here to give you whatever support you need.”
  • Offer hope: Let the person know that help and support are available, but don’t offer glib reassurance-it only shows you “don’t understand.”


  • Act shocked. This could put distance between you or create secrecy to protect your feelings
  • Be sworn to secrecy. You both will need additional support
  • Say that suicide is “selfish” or lecture about the value of life: It may reflect that you don’t hear their pain.

Who to Call

In an emergency:


What is Thrive?

For people who want to take charge of their emotional well-being to Man looking into Sun, Thrivelead happier, more satisfying lives. 

To participate, you need to:
   Have a Montana residency
   Be age 18 or older
   Have regular access to broadband internet
   Have depression symptoms that are at
        least mild

To enroll in the study:
   Visit thriveformontana.com
   Complete a pre-screen survey

msuthrive@montana.edu or facebook.com/ThriveForMontana



 Local Resources 

Emergency  911
Sheriff’s Office  436-2333
Broadus Clinic  436-2651
Public Health Nurse  436-2297
Cody Kinzer, Licensed Clinical Social Worker  1-406-853-2310 

Powder River County High School
Dori Phillips, School Counselor  436-2658
   After Hours  406-696-1904

Kristi Mobley, School Psychologist  436-2658
   After Hours  554-3495

Carl Austin, Licensed Addiction Counselor, 406-234-1687 


Alcoholics Anonymous
Wednesdays - 7:00-8:00 pm
Powder River County Courthouse Election Room

Tuesdays - 6:30-7:30 pm
Powder River County Courthouse Election Room

Narcotics Anonymous
Miles City
Monday - 8:00 pm, 1411 Leighton Blvd. (Ursuline Convent)
Tuesday - 6:00 pm, 3505 Stower St. (Grace Bible Church)
Thursday - 7:00 pm, 2600 Wilson St. (Holy Rosary Hospital Cafeteria)
Friday - 6:30 pm, 1411 Leighton Blvd. (Ursuline Convent)
Sunday - 12:00 pm, 511 Palmer St. (Lighthouse Recovery Program)

Gamblers Anonymous
Miles City
Wednesday - 7:00 pm, 1411 Leighton Blvd. (Ursuline Convent) 

Prescription Drop-off Box - Powder River County Sheriff's Office

Local Youth Organizations and Youth Groups

Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD
(406) 436-2658
Faith Bible Church Youth Group
Ryan DeVore; (406) 436-2857
Youth Group
Julie Long, Pastor; (406) 436-2457
Kristi Mobley; (406) 698-9597
Nicholas Knoblauch, Pastor; (406) 436-2833

Local Religious Organizations

Assembly of God
(406) 436-2114
Church of Latter Day Saints
Randy Ward, Branch President; (406) 436-2563
Faith Bible Church
Tom Herzog, Pastor; (406) 436-2857
Our Savior Lutheran Church
Julie Long, Pastor; (406) 436-2457
Powder River Congregational United Church of Christ
Nicholas Knoblauch, Pastor; (406) 436-2833
St. David's Catholic Church
Kristi Mobley; (406) 698-9597

EMCMHC in Broadus offers the following services:

  • Mental Health Services
    • Outpatient Services
      • Mental Health Assessment
      • Individual & Group Therapy
      • VA Services
    • Substance Abuse & Dependency Services
      • Outpatient Services
      • Chemical Dependency Assessment
      • Individual & Group Therapy
      • VA Services
  • Carl Austin, Licensed Addiction Counselor, 406-234-1687
    • Twice a month or as needed on Thursdays


Websites & Videos

  Jason Foundation, Inc.  


MT Youth Connection Line provides an outlet for youth and young adults where they can talk to other youth so they know they're heard and they're valued.  www.montanayouthconnectonline.org 

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